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Xtreme Lashes™ Xtreme Length & Enhancing Mascara - Black

Xtreme Lashes™ Xtreme Length & Enhancing Mascara - BlackFor maximum volume, maximum length and maximum coverage Xtreme Lashes® offers the Xtreme Length Mascara™ in dramatic, deep Black. A superior formulation suitable for eyelash extensions and natural lashes, our mascara lengthens and thickens with an intense pigment for dramatic coverage. With the specially designed hollow fiber brush this mascara goes on smooth and dries with no flakes, clumps or smudging. Xtreme Length Mascara™ is soft, gentle, flexible and conditioning making it especially well suited for women with sensitive eyes and those who wear contact lenses. PH balanced; water based and removes easily with water or oil-free cleansers. We recommend using this product sparingly with eyelash extensions to prolong the life of the extensions. Allow at least 24 hours after the procedure before applying mascara to allow adequate bonding time.

Price: $50.00