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Our Difference
Our Difference 

With the increase in the popularity of lash extensions there has been an equal increase in the amount of un-trained lash stylist offering lash services without proper training or certifications resulting in damaging lash extensions of extremely poor quality. Incorrectly applied lash extensions feel UNCOMFORTABLE | HEAVY | CLUMPY | PAINFUL. They are advertised as "individual" lashes but they are actually heavy clusters and flare lashes applied with toxic cheap glue. $30 will get you hours of removal trials and months of healing time to get your lashes back to healthy.

Below are some examples of lashes improperly applied by other salons and corrected by us.


Lash Tips

  • Your lash stylist should be certified in eyelash extensions and licensed in your state / country.
  • Make sure they have experience in eyelash extensions. You should be able to see their “work” with before and after pictures.
  • Eyelash extensions should be applied with your eyes closed. If the procedure is with your eyes open, it will result in improper application.
  • The glue used during the application should never touch your skin.
  • Clusters or strips glued to your lashes are NOT eyelash extensions! They will cause the above damage to your natural lashes which in some cases may be permanent.
  • Each single eyelash extension should be attached only to each single natural hair. There should never be an extension attached to more than one eyelash.

The length, thickness and curvature of the lash extensions should be customized and determined by your very own lashes. Improper sizing will cause breakage.